Mitmach-Aktion gegen den Grindwalfang auf den Färöer Inseln

Die Tier- und Umweltschutzgruppe Project Blue Sea bittet um Mithilfe. Jahr für Jahr werden auf den zu Dänemark gehörenden Färöer Inseln viele Hundert Grindwale (diese Art gehört zu den Delfinen) grausam mit Messern und Haken getötet – aus Tradition …

Getötete Grindwale auf den Färöer Inseln (Foto: Project Blue Sea)

In einer deutschen Tageszeitung wurde kürzlich ein Interview mit der dänischen Ministerpräsidentin Helle Thorning-Schmidt veröffentlicht. Darin wünscht sie sich eine bessere Beziehung zwischen Dänemark, Deutschland und weiteren EU-Staaten.

Doch wie kann eine Beziehung verbessert werden, in der ein Teil den Walfang befürwortet, der andere diesen vehement ablehnt? Das geht nur durch einen Stopp des Grindwal-Fangs. Project Blue Sea hat ein Schreiben an die Ministerpräsidentin verfasst, das du gerne kopieren und per E-Mail oder Brief an folgende Adresse versenden kannst:


The Danish Prime Minister

Mrs. Helle Thorning-Schmidt

The Prime Minister´s Office


Prins Jørgens Gård 11

1218 Copenhagen K



Dear Prime Minister Mrs. Thorning-Schmidt,

A German newspaper stated that you wish for your country to have better communications and friendship with Germany and other European countries. For this to happen Denmark needs to change its attitude from one of defending whale hunting to that of supporting whale conservation!

You will be aware that it will be somewhat of a difficult challenge for you to find and forge a better relationship with Germany and any other European country who totally oppose and condemn your country’s support for commercial whaling and notably for the whaling closer to home, known as the ‘Grindadrap’, which takes place on the shores of the Faroe Islands a (dependency) of Denmark.

Furthermore, apart from the cruelty issues, which are well documented, it is deplorable to think that despite the Faroese Chief Medical Officer’s report and announcement back in 2008, that Pilot whale meat contains serious levels of Mercury, PCBs & DDT making it unsuitable for human consumption, the hunt has still been allowed to continue, thereby endangering the health of the Faroese people. The responsibility for the wellbeing and safety of any nations people lays with it’s government and this must take priority over any cultural/traditional practices.

For the reasons given above we respectfully ask you Mrs. Thorning-Schmidt, that the Danish government together with the Faroese Government, enter into negotiations and take the responsible action to stop the Grindadrap!

In your quest for better communications and friendship with Germany and other countries, now would be a prudent time for you and your government to re-think Denmark’s whaling policy, after all we are living in the 21st Century, a time when whaling should be confined to the history books. Should you announce to the world that your country no-longer supports such whaling operations, this news would indeed pave the way for those better communications and friendships you seek for your country.

Yours sincerely…


Mehr zum Grindwal-Fang bei den MEERESAKROBATEN unter SOS – Färöer Inseln.

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